Valve Concept Art




Valve obviously has a lot of very talented artists as they continue to make brilliant game after brilliant game. These are some concept art for most of their games which show some interesting developments throughout the design process. It would have been nice to see some even earlier more sketchy pieces but there are still a lot of images to enjoy over on their blog.

Also check out the Kotaku article to see some of their favourites.

2 responses to “Valve Concept Art

  1. Awesome robot designs. Would you care to take a look at the robot I modelled? It’s on my blog:

    I would appreciate any feedback.

    • Sorry for the slow reply- I saw the model a week ago but forgot to comment. It could do with a bit of work which would make a massive difference. I like your Little Blue Monster though, it is really nice =)

      The robot needs a bit more character and life to it. I would pose it- having things standing in a T-pose or straight up with ‘arms’ by their sides really doesn’t show it off well. Your rust does not appear in logical places either- it should be around the joints between 2 pieces of metal, or on an extremity where the metal is more likely to get damaged and the galvanized coating has worn off. Also I would have a lot less of the rust, less is more.
      The metal and rust materials look good though, so when you get the positioning of the rust right then it will look good. Maybe add in some painted areas- this will add interest and you will also be able to add damaged edges and scratches to the paint around the rusted areas, which would make it more believable.

      If you change those 2 things it will look much better straight away, and then you can look at it again and see what you might want to add to it to give it even more character =)

      Let me know when you have some updates if you want some more feedback.


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