DARPA’s ARGUS-IS 1.8 Gigapixel Surveillance Camera

This camera can see objects only 6″ in size from 20,000 feet, which is just mind-blowing! Soon all of those crazily zoomed in surveillance videos in military films will actually be accurate!

Check out the Engadget article to find out more information.

One response to “DARPA’s ARGUS-IS 1.8 Gigapixel Surveillance Camera

  1. No conversation can be had about drones without discussing the fact that a single drone can now watch and record an entire city at once and auto-track every moving object. Wide Area Persistent Surveillance is coming to a city near you on a full time basis (if not already) and will be tracking every pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle in and across cities all over the USA. ARGUS, gorgon stare and other WAPS systems are being deployed by police, Not little RC planes like the media pictures. And who needs robots if you can just give the locals the data feed?
    This technology is ALREADY being deployed for use by police across the US and has been used in multiple states across the US.
    ( http://defense-update.com/20120806_vigilant_stare.html)
    This tech is a complete violation of privacy and constitutional rights and is the very definition of a police surveillance state. One device that literally tracks everyone in the city and databases their movements for forensic discovery is an assault on one’s freedom from unreasonable search. In an environment of gun bans, whistleblower imprisonment, indefinite detention, torture, dragnet electronic spying and secret law, ARGUS and Persistics are existential threats to individual liberty, privacy and constitutional rights. Join Teame Zazzu in opposing the deployment of Wide Area Persistent Surveillance technologies inside the USA.
    http://www.persistentsurveillance.com/lawenforcement.html http://www.pixia.com/solutions/stare.php

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