Looking For Work After Redundancy

Hey all,

I hope you had a lovely festive season (if you have that where you live!). I am sorry for the lack of updates on my blog in the past couple of weeks. I got made redundant from my job at Frontier Developments the week before Christmas so I have been working hard on my showreel as well as moving back to my parents house and trying to celebrate Christmas as best as I could- given my current mood.

I will be adding some updates to my showreel to my blog over the next few weeks as I look for a new job in 3D (preferably in games), and here are some quick updates I knocked together to make my portfolio a bit more up-to-date.



You can check out more updates over on my personal page of my portfolio here.


I am looking for all types of paid employment in any location all over the world, with preference for English speaking locations. 

If you know of anywhere that I might be suited to or know of people who might then please send me an email or check out my CV and contact details over on my About Me page.


I hope you have a great day,



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