2012 In Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Looking For Work After Redundancy

Hey all,

I hope you had a lovely festive season (if you have that where you live!). I am sorry for the lack of updates on my blog in the past couple of weeks. I got made redundant from my job at Frontier Developments the week before Christmas so I have been working hard on my showreel as well as moving back to my parents house and trying to celebrate Christmas as best as I could- given my current mood.

I will be adding some updates to my showreel to my blog over the next few weeks as I look for a new job in 3D (preferably in games), and here are some quick updates I knocked together to make my portfolio a bit more up-to-date.



You can check out more updates over on my personal page of my portfolio here.


I am looking for all types of paid employment in any location all over the world, with preference for English speaking locations. 

If you know of anywhere that I might be suited to or know of people who might then please send me an email or check out my CV and contact details over on my About Me page.


I hope you have a great day,


A Tour Of LEVEL-5

This is a really interesting tour around some of the LEVEL-5 building- the Ni No Kuni creators. It looks like a really nice set-up, although from the video most of them seem to be working on only one monitor- I couldn’t do that!

Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers for the game in the video.

Interactive WWII Blitz Bomb Strike Locations Map

Blitz map bombsight_01 bombsight_02


This website is amazing and greatly humbling- many of us are so lucky not to have lived through an atrocity like this in our home towns. With the amount of bombs that landed its amazing that there was anything left of London, and there were many cities around the world that received even more damage.

Have a look for yourself over on BombSight.org (although you might have to refresh a few times as their server is unsurprisingly busy and the page may not load up straight away).

Inside Of Amazon


Amazon has 80 of these distribution centres around the world and all of them work the old fashioned way with pure man power, rather than being automated with robots. Also they do not have the items organised into a proper order, they are all placed randomly and the workers just use barcodes to find them!

The company doesn’t yet have its figures from 2012 yet, but in 2010, Amazon.com sold more than 13 million individual items within 24 hours, and that number ballooned last year to 17 million. Amazon expects this year to be its biggest yet.

“It gets very busy at this time, and folks work hard for sure, but again, we bring in help,” said Craig Berman, corporate vice president at Amazon. “We’re hiring 50,000 seasonal employees to help meet that demand, and we’re excited.”

Amazon must rely on barcodes and human hands to find the ordered items and drop them into the proper bins — without robots, Amazon utilizes a system known as “chaotic storage,” where products are essentially shelved at random.

By storing items randomly instead of categorically, the warehouse has a much better flow of material. Even without robots or automation, Amazon can compile a “picking list” that locates where each item needs to be taken off the shelf and scanned again before it can be shipped.

The real advantage to chaotic storage is that it’s significantly more flexible than conventional storage systems. If there are big changes in a product range, the company doesn’t need to plan for more space, because the products or their sales volumes don’t need to be known or planned in advance if they’re simply being stored at random.

Furthermore, free space is much better utilized in a chaotic storage system. In a conventional system, free space may go unused for quite a while simply because stock is low or there aren’t enough products to begin with. Without any kind of fixed positions, available shelf space is always being used.

Check out the article for more details and images over on IBTimes.com, VIA a link from Kotaku.


Play Portal On A TI Calculator

I am SO happy this wasn’t around when I was doing Maths A-level (apart from the fact that Portal hadn’t even been made back then) as I would have got no work done at all!

Also I’ve just seen you can play Doom too!

Check out the article over on Engadget: Unlike the cake, Portal on a TI calculator is not a lie.

Earth Never Sleeps- NASA Video

This is an amazing video from NASA putting together images of the Earth at night, its just a shame I cannot find a high-res video to embed here. Check out SkyNews for a decent resolution video.

I love the almost perfectly straight line of fishing ships at 1 minute 31 seconds.