Unfinished Swan

Giant Sparrow’s debut game Unfinished Swan is amazing. The art-style is amazing and it has a nice story to go with it. If you like games that are a bit different and looks great then check this out- it is a mix of Journey, Epic Mickey and something entirely new. Sadly the game is quite short which makes it quite a premium game for the £10 price- it took me about 5hours to 100% it, with the first story play-through taking just over a couple of hours- but I am happy as I loved every minute of those few hours and will replay and explore the world again. The amount of content feels slightly less than that of Journey, and you do not have the online play to make the replay experience feel different.

DO NOT watch the video below if you are going to buy the video- as it is more fun finding these things out yourself when you play. If you are NOT sure about the game then check out the IGN review below:


Developer interviews:


Check out the Giant Sparrow website here.


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