Open Source Theme Hospital

I’m sure many of you have great memories of the 1997 classic game from Bullfrog Theme Hospital. Unfortunately it is very hard/nearly impossible to get it working on Windows 7 (and Windows Vista if I remember correctly) even when using DOSBox. Thankfully this has now been made as an opensource game which you can play on PC, Android, iOS, etc.

Check go and download it yourself and get playing over on Corsix-th!

A word of advice when playing on a mobile device (excluding tablets): Use the 640×480 resolution when setting it up- instead of ‘Native Resolution’ as otherwise the buttons are too small to press- I have a 4.3″ Motorola RAZR I and its just about fine playing on this at that resolution. You would struggle to play it on anything smaller than a 4″ screen, those of you with a 4.8″ Galaxy S3 will find it easy, but I would still use the 640×480.


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