Disney Buying Lucasfilm and ILM

Bob Iger just announced that The Walt Disney Company is acquiring Lucasfilm – the global entertainment company founded by George Lucas and the home of the legendary Star Wars franchise. In addition to getting the rights to one of the greatest family franchises and epic stories of all time, Disney is also acquiring all of Lucasfilm’s operating businesses – including Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound.

Did you know? The Star Wars universe now has more than 17,000 characters inhabiting several thousand planets spanning 20,000 years. This gives Disney infinite inspiration and opportunities to continue the epic Star Wars saga. Fans can expect a new feature film, Star Wars Episode 7, in theaters worldwide in 2015. George Lucas will serve as creative consultant on the film and Kathleen Kennedy, the filmmaker George handpicked to lead Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the rest of Lucasfilm into the future will be the executive producer (she’s also joining Disney as president of Lucasfilm). With this many characters to develop and stories to tell, Disney plans to release a new Star Wars feature film every two or three years for the foreseeable future.

We’ve actually had a great working relationship with Lucasfilm for years — with Star Wars and Indiana Jones themed attractions in our parks in Anaheim, Orlando, Paris and Tokyo. So, we’re starting with a strong foundation and compatible brands – and the addition of Lucasfilm Ltd. will support our growth strategy and create even more opportunity for Disney to create incredible entertainment and drive significant long-term value for our shareholders.

I do not have a real problem of Disney buying Lucasfilm and ILM, but having a new Star Wars film every 2 years for the forseeable future..? I can only see this as a bad thing, as the chances of them making films good enough to stand along side the original three (4-6) seems very slim, especially after the shambles of the recent 1-3 films.. I guess only time will tell. Disney do know how to tell amazing stories but I just hope they do not aim at a target audience that is too young and alienate the core Star Wars audience.

The fact of the matter is that Disney could make Star Wars great again, but they will likely end up ruining it further.

Erasmus Brosdau- 3D Art


If you ignore any negative connotations you may have for nude women and stereotypes and look at the actual 3D art itself Erasmus Brosdau’s work is amazing. The models, textures and shader work are spot on and this is topped off by great presentation.

Check out his page on CGHub- Destrega.

9 Gigapixel Image Of The Milky Way


This the beautiful Milky Way captured in an image that has a 9 gigapixel resolution- at standard 300dpi print resolution that makes the image 9m x 7m in size! This image shows about 84 million stars, humbled much?

Check out the full image (in a clever zoom-able mode) over on Eso.org.

Unfinished Swan

Giant Sparrow’s debut game Unfinished Swan is amazing. The art-style is amazing and it has a nice story to go with it. If you like games that are a bit different and looks great then check this out- it is a mix of Journey, Epic Mickey and something entirely new. Sadly the game is quite short which makes it quite a premium game for the £10 price- it took me about 5hours to 100% it, with the first story play-through taking just over a couple of hours- but I am happy as I loved every minute of those few hours and will replay and explore the world again. The amount of content feels slightly less than that of Journey, and you do not have the online play to make the replay experience feel different.

DO NOT watch the video below if you are going to buy the video- as it is more fun finding these things out yourself when you play. If you are NOT sure about the game then check out the IGN review below:


Developer interviews:


Check out the Giant Sparrow website here.

Want Photoshop For Editing 4K Video? Here You Go!

We developed special movie retouching techniques that won’t damage a detail of material, and don’t use “blur skill” for it that is why you feel more real. And also we work on 4K data without compressing 4K into HD. This model already had the natural beauty. However,we could improve it more to perform retouching,free transform, and color correction in the movie

This is crazy- I wonder how many steps have been removed to actually get results like that. But either way the potential is amazing.

Check out a full article on it over on NoFilmSchool: Photoshop For 4K Video.


Patrick O’Keefe- Concept Art

Patrick O’Keefe is an amazing concept artist that was featured on Kotaku earlier this month. I love the style of his work and the brush strokes he leaves visible in some areas- this is an element I am looking to bring into my work as I have seen it in a few artists and really like it.

Check out more of his amazing work over on his website, TheOkArtist.com.