Odama- Gamecube

Odama is most definitely a hidden gem of a game that was release on the GameCube in 2006. The above video is a good representation of the game except that it comes with a microphone which is needed to order your troops about- so as you are firing your big pinball about trying to wipe out the enemy and complete tasks you are constantly shouting ‘Press Forward!!!!’ and other commands down the mic.

It is such a crazy game idea and I do not know why a games company agreed to make it when they were pitched the idea but it works so well.

The great thing about it is that it works perfectly well with the Wii, as the microphone slots into the memory card slot and then you can play on the GameCube controller. My copy of the game arrived today and I cannot wait to play it tonight- after my friend discovered it and we played a few levels of it at the weekend.

Go and buy yourself a copy now- I picked mine up with a microphone included for £4! But then didn’t realise it had a microphone with it and bought an extra one..


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