Miyamoto Reveals His Favourite Mario Game

At E3 2012 computer game designer legend  Shigeru Miyamoto told IGN, “I guess as a developer that might have to be the very first Super Mario game, for me, because I have so many memories tied up in it,” Mr. Miyamoto told us. “Perhaps as a player, I might go for what was, at least in Japan, we referred to it as Super Mario USA (Super Mario Bros. 2), which was a game that just had a very different sort of feel. I think we had such a loose approach to it, we really came up with something interesting.”

I am sure many players will not know much about Super Mario Bros. 2 as it’s gameplay is very different from that of other Mario games at the time. I only played it for the first time recently and am not sure what I make of it- I need to give it a proper play-through to judge it properly.

Check out this video to see some gameplay footage:

The game was only created because in creating the original Super Mario Bros. 2 they managed to create a game that was so hard that it was feared that it would not do well in the American marke, and my god that game is the hardest game I have ever played!

They decided to rename the game Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and developed a new Super Mario Bros. 2 by reusing many elements of the game Doki Doki Panic and turning it into a Mario game that feels completely different to most of the rest of the series.

Check out a great article covering this in more detail over on IGN: This is Shigeru Miyamoto’s Favourite Mario Game.

Thank you My Nintendo News for directing me to this article in the first place.


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