The Legend Of Zelda

I only realised this year how many Zelda games there actually were and how many of them I haven’t played- with The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time being the game that got me into the series and never having played any handheld versions of the games. So I am playing through the whole series in order.

The game that started off this amazing series was The Legend Of Zelda which was created by video game God Shigeru Miyamoto. Released in 1986 it sold 6.5million units on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which is second in sales to only the aforementioned Ocarina Of Time.

I really enjoyed it and completed most of the game without the aid of a walkthrough- there were a couple of levels near the end that I needed to get a bit of advice for.

It also has some really nice artwork in the manual for the game– which is one thing that generally cannot be said in manuals for games today, or even the lack of manuals.

In catching up on these games it has lead me to checking out the TV adverts for them, and there are some amazing adverts for sure!

I really enjoyed the game and you can see how many elements of the game have been progressed throughout the series.

Onto Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link which is meant to be the hardest in the series.

The Lost Thing

The Lost Thing is an amazing short film by Shaun Tan, who is such a brilliant artist- no wonder it has won awards.

Even the website for the film is a thing of artistic beauty. Check out the official website, and Tan’s website.

I also own The Arrival and Tales From Outer Suburbia and have read Rabbits from Tan and would recommend them all to purchase if you want to get a beautiful art story book.