Game Cube’s European 10 Year Anniversary

I never had a Game Cube, as I went from my N64 to my Xbox and then Wii. But I have played on one at work for the past couple of weeks on my lunch breaks, and have not seen a fault with it yet. I have always been a massive Nintendo fan- with my faith in them wavering slightly in their consoles in the past couple of years, but their game design is always second to none.

So here is to you Game Cube! Bring me many more lunch breaks filled with Smash Brothers Melee!


2 responses to “Game Cube’s European 10 Year Anniversary

  1. The game cube has some of the best games of its generation, to this day its the only console I keep around and saved all my games from. Smash Bros may be a contender for the consoles best game but so many of them have stood the test of time

    • The Smash Brothers series are some of my favourite games of all time, you cannot beat the madness and fun of Pikachu fighting Yoshi, fighting Link, fighting Kirby!
      I still have all my consoles (Sega Mega Drive/Genisis, SNES, N64, Xbox, Wii and PS3) and prefer retro games to current games 90% of the time.
      10 years ago the game design was the main thing that made top games due to graphical power being so limited, which means the old games are still just as good today where as many current generation games date so quickly!

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