My Thoughts On My Journeys


I just Transended in Journey to fully complete it, such a lovely game. It’s a beautiful idea with the way you explore the world with your fellow players without ever really knowing who they are. I would prefer it if there were more speaking gestures though so you could make conversation more easily. That said you still build up great relationships with your fellow travellers, to the extent that at the top of a big mountain that took 10minutes to climb my companion fell off. I was left with the dilema of continuing and being joined by a new companion or jump off and start the treck up the mountain again. I didn’t think twice and I jumped off. That is the beauty of the game, these companions/fellow gamers/friends/whatever can mean the world to you after only a few minutes of playing.

The sand, water/magic and snow physics are pretty amazing, the sunsets, haze and lighting are beautiful and the level design is well thought out.

It is easy to play through and have your own journey in a couple of hours, but to complete it and collect everything there are many more hour in it- even with a walkthrough.

It is also a game that will appeal to many catagories- young, old, casual gamers, hardcore gamers- due to the nature of the gameplay and the beauty of the graphics. There truely is something in it for nearly everyone.

Definitely a must play game, even if you have to play on a friends PS3.

I am looking forward to my next Journey with whoever is my new companion.

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