Game Of Thrones + Minecraft = More Computer Game Wizardry

I really don’t know how people manage to pull off things like this in such amazing detail, and they definitely have too much time on their hands!

These videos amaze me just as much as the Final Fantasy Minecraft video I posted a few weeks back.

Check out more videos and more information over on Kotaku: The Game Of Thrones Minecraft Project is getting more and more spectacular

Realtime Radiosity And Dynamic Lighting In Lostwinds 2 On IOS

Frontier Developments have managed to get some beautiful dynamic lighting and realtime radiosity into Lostwinds 2 on IOS devices. I have not had a chance to play Lostwinds 2 yet but I played Lostwinds over Christmas and loved it, so I will definitely be getting this when I next get a chance to use my parents’ iPad.

Zelda Mixed With Fallout

A concept artist (sadly I cannot see a name on the website and it is not in English) over on Gamesblog had created their vision of ‘The Legend Of Zelda: Echoes Of The Future’ and has ended up with some beautiful art work that seems to be a blend of some of the original Zelda concept art from Nintendo, that I posted a couple of weeks ago, and an apocalyptic scene from something like Fallout.

Check out the rest of the images over on the artist’s page on Gameblog.

And thanks My Nintendo News for the original link.


Rayman Legends Wii U Trailer Leaked

This is the best quality link for the trailer:

If that does not work then watch the lower quality version from youtube here:

This Wii U leaked trailer for Rayman Legends looks pretty nice, but then with the art style of the game it is hard to tell anything of the power of the Wii U. Im excited for the game, not the console, as Rayman Origins was awesome!

Akaneiro And Alice Concept Art- Spicy Horse

This is another piece of awesome artwork by Spicy Horse artists for Akaneiro, this time by Joey Zeng.

And here are some more images from Alice: Madness Returns:

Check out more beautiful artwork from Spicy Horse over on Deviant Art.