First Review Of: Kinectimals Now With Bears

The first review of my first game released that I have worked on. Such a proud moment, and a good review with an 8/10 =)

Nothing says cute and cuddly like baby animals. And baby animals were never cuter or cuddlier than those featured in “Kinectimals,” which launched alongside Microsoft’s Kinect sensor late last year.

Interacting with the adorable feline cubs of “Kinectimals” won over kids and parents alike, making the game one of the most popular Kinect titles to date with over one million copies sold. Now, Microsoft and developer Frontier Developments are taking cute and cuddly to a whole new level with the release of the aptly titled “Kinectimals: Now with Bears.”

“Kinectimals: Now with Bears” plays almost exactly like its predecessor, but adds a new island to explore and 10 species of baby bears to adopt, care for and play with. Black bears, polar bears, cinnamon bears, panda bears and grizzly bears are available at the beginning, with five additional bears to discover. The bears have a few new tricks up their sleeve, like the ability to fish and climb trees, but the majority of the activities are borrowed from the original “Kinectimals.”

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as “Kinectimals” made great use of Kinect’s voice and motion controls. “Kinectimals: Now with Bears” is every bit as immersive as its predecessor — I quickly formed a bond with a furry little panda bear (I named him Barry) as we played fetch and practiced juggling, and I couldn’t help but smile every time he gave the screen a loving lick.

Of course, the joy I gained from the game paled in comparison to that experienced by my kids, who immediately fell in love with their new virtual companions. I think our dog even became a little jealous of all the attention my boys were showing their “Kinectimal” pals.

With its irresistible collection of baby animals and simple-to-grasp controls, “Kinectimals: Now with Bears” is easy to recommend, both to parents looking for a great game to enjoy with their children and anyone with a soft spot for all things cute and cuddly.

Check out the full review on PluggedIn: Review: Bears a cute, cuddly addition to ‘Kinectimals’

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