Free Portal 2 DLC Out Today

Free DLC for Portal 2 is out today! To expand on the amazing game, and my favorite co-op game of all time, you can now download extra levels for free!

Portal 2 is unlike any other console game you’ll play this year. And it’s about to get a whole lot better thanks to a welcome dose of free downloadable content. ‘Peer Review’ gifts Portal 2 players a fresh cooperative adventure and a new challenge mode. Read on for more details.

When Portal 2 arrived in shops this April, the very awesome, mind-bending puzzle game went straight to the top of the charts. We weren’t surprised in the slightest. We loved it, giving the game the thumbs up in our Portal 2 review.

But if you’ve already cleared your way through the Game of the Year contender, prepare to dust off your copy. Courtesy of the kindness of developer Valve, new DLC – completely free-off-charge – lands from October 4th.

Called Peer Review, it gives cooperative players the incentive to play more by continuing the story of Portal bots P-Body and Atlas, as they zap their way through new puzzles, putting their mechanical minds to the test against GLaDOS once more.

On top of that will be a single player and co-op Challenge mode, and leaderboard so that you can compare high scores with friends and fellow Portal players.

The free “Peer Review” DLC will be available tomorrow for download from Xbox LIVE, PSN, Steam on PC and Mac.

Check out the full article on The Gadget Show.


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