Windows 8 Details

Some Windows 8 details have been released. They seem pretty good enhancements, nothing revolutionary though. As long as it uses less RAM and runs quicker that’s all I care about!

All Windows 7 applications will run natively on
Windows 8 Security update notifications have been minimized to the lower right of the log-in screen
Refreshed Windows Task Manager suspends apps when they’re not running on-screen
New “Reset and Refresh PC” functions enable simplified system wipe and restore
HyperV virtualization software comes pre-loaded on Windows 8
Multi-monitor support now enables a single background across screens, as well as monitor-specific task bars
Multi-touch support enabled for Internet Explorer 10
Magnifier function enhanced for desktop manipulation
Optional thumb-by-thumb input mode
SkyDrive storage support integrated into all cloud-based apps
Metro-style refresh for Mail, Photos, Calendar and People apps with Windows Live ID
Settings roam allows for preferences to sync across a user’s Windows 8 devices
Continued update support for Windows 8 Developer Preview Beta
Even a Lenovo S10 (first-gen Atom + 1GB of RAM) can “run” Windows 8
There’s “no overlays” with Windows 8; Metro-style goodness is baked into the core
Both Metro-style and conventional Win32 apps will be sold in the Windows Store
Windows 8 devices equipped with an NFC chip will be able to use a tap-to-share feature to either send content from one device to another, or simply receive content from something like an NFC-equipped card.
Logins will use a photo-based system
Apps will be able to natively connect and understand one another (if written as such)
Built-in antivirus software will ship in Windows 8
There will not be a different edition of Windows 8 for tablets, and presumably, not for Media Centers either
It’s unclear how many “editions” (Home, Professional, Ultimate, etc.) of Windows 8 there will be
ARM devices will be supported, but not in the developer preview

Check out the full article on Engadget: Windows 8 details: new features, UI enhancements and everythingin between


3 responses to “Windows 8 Details

  1. Interesting, although given the success of Windows 7, I think it was always likely that the next version was going to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

    • Indeed evolutionary is what it was likely to be but Windows 7 was just an evolution of Vista- basically a polished and much more efficient version. It would be nice for Windows 8 to have something amazing in it. I have seen videos of it booting up on a laptop in 8 seconds- from a hibernation-like state- which is good, but the laptop probably had an SSD with a minimal version of the OS installed.

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