Ni No Kuni- A Studio Ghibli Game!

A game in the style of the amazing art work of Studio Ghibli?! Yes please!

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming Ni No Kuni for the PS3. The more I see of this game, the more I clench my fists, grind my teeth and try and will it into already being out. And in English.

While the DS version was released last year in Japan, it’s the sexy PS3 edition most people are hanging out for, and that one’s out in November this year. In Japan. With no word on an English translation as of yet.

Still! Given the popularity of Studio Ghibli in the West (the animation powerhouse working with developers Level-5 on the game’s world and characters) and the fact Level-5 recently opened American offices, it wouldn’t be crazy to hope for a 2012 released in the West.

Check out the original article on Kotaku: Ni No Kuni Is Looking Beautiful In This New Trailer


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