A Novice To An Expert

His first drawing on Concept Art:

After drawing every day for 6 years here is the result:

Such an inspiration to anybody who wants to be good at something!

Check out his journey on ConceptArt.org

The Monk And The Monkey

The Monk & The Monkey from Brendan Carroll on Vimeo.

The Monk And The Monkey is a great short animation, I never got round to watching it when it was made a year ago. Some of the lip-syncing is off, but that might be due to language translation, apart from that it looks stunning and has a lovely style.

Ni No Kuni- 15 Minutes Of Footage

A 15 minute long video of in-game footage from Ni No Kuni (unfortunately it is in Japanese, but you can simply mute it!). It looks just as good as the trailer I posted up a couple of weeks ago, and seems to continue with the gameplay mix of Pokemon and Final Fantasy- it’s a shame it is not aimed at a slightly older audience but I am sure I would still enjoy a play through of it.