Games Will Become The Literature Of The 21st Century

Games, when compared to film, are still quite young. The games industry, after 30 years, is finally coming into its own and continually evolving as the medium becomes more and more widespread. As games have grown, so has the medium’s potential for storytelling -one look at Heavy Rain or L.A. Noire would tell you that.

While some games are completely devoid of narrative (and there’s nothing wrong with that), others have intricately woven plots that fully immerse the player in a whole other world and its characters. Only games have this power. Chris Swain, Associate Research Professor, USC School of Cinematic Arts and Director of USC Games Institute, believes the games industry is only getting started and that video games will soon dominate when it comes to storytelling.

Check out the full article on Industry Gamer: Games Will Become ‘The Literature of The 21st Century,’ says USC Game Design Professor


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