Self-charging Smart Phone Technology

There’s nothing worse than losing the charge on your iPhone at the company picnic. But fear not, you won’t be stranded Twitter-less next to the potato salad if UCLA’s new energy recycling LCD technology ever makes it to market. According to its inventors, the traditional LCD polarization process loses as much as 75 percent of light energy — something that eats around 80 to 90 percent of the device’s power. By using polarizing organic photovoltaic cells, however, the LCD-packing gizmo can recycle its own lost backlight energy, keeping itself charged for longer. What’s really cool is these cells can recycle indoor or outdoor light as well, so you will essentially never lose a charge — or have to speak to another human IRL again.

When this sort of technology makes it into portable gadgets life will become so much less stressful! It will probably still take 2 or 3 years to get solar (or similar) charging into phones and be effective but we might start seeing it come in over the next year. I heard rumours of Apple working on solar charging for the rear case for the next iPhone- I doubt this will happen for the next version but it can’t be too far away now!

Check out the full article on Engadget: Photovoltaic polarizers could make self-charging smartphone dreams come true


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