Gears Of War 3- Fastet Pre-Ordered Game In 360 History

..The game is officially the fastest pre-ordered game in Xbox 360 history. Who would’ve thought chainsawing could be so popular?

This milestone is a fantastic feat and much credit is due to the 1.29 million people who participated in the Beta multiplayer version that occurred earlier this year. The Beta multiplayer provided Epic games a lot of valuable feedback to help them improve the game and its new features before September’s launch. Over 11 million matches were played over a span of 145 different countries during the four week trial. All this to help perfect the dedicated servers for multiplayer and other aspects of the game play.

Gears has been ranked the number 1 top selling game for Amazon this week..

Personally I have never been a massive fan of the Gears Of War series, mainly due to being a massive Halo fan I struggled to get used to the controls- I found it frustrating getting ‘stuck’ (the cover function) on the walls as I was trying to run towards the enemies. But since playing more games like Mass Effect that use a cover system throughout the game I am looking forward to Gears Of War 3 more now.

The horde mode is the main reason I am buying it, I love that wave style of game mode- it was good when Halo added Firefight!

Check out the full article on Gears of War 3 Pre-Order Sales and Updates


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