Edge Wii U Preview

Wii U, is inventive and safe simultaneously. Inventive because it’s an attempt to marry a tablet-style experience with a traditional console environment, and safe because it is backwardly compatible with all existing Wii software and peripherals. Though the motion-control element at the heart of the original system remains in place – and indeed was fundamental to several Wii U demos during E3 – it’s what the new controller offers that Nintendo expects to move the goal posts. Chiefly, the addition of a new method of interacting with Nintendo games is about keeping your relationship with the hardware a close, and enduring, one – hopefully ensuring that millions of Wii U consoles won’t end up packed away alongside neglected Wiis in under-stairs cupboards once that initial tingle of new-hardware excitement has passed…

…Video chat is one application which promises to give Wii U relevance and value within a modern-day family household. It’s features such as this, along with the ability to view not just games on the controller’s screen but applications such as a Web browser, that have led some to accuse Nintendo of simply chasing the tablet computer market with its new platform. It’s a charge that Eguchi dismisses. “I can understand why people may think [that we could be competing with Apple], because it does look the same – the controller has a screen on it, much like a tablet PC – but if you think about it, the uses are very different,” he says. “Tablets are mainly for one user – they’re a very personal thing: one tablet, one user. But our goal for Wii U is for it to be in the living room, where multiple people often enjoy watching TV, and this new controller is intended to change that, to change how people interact with TV, interact with games, and interact with each other. So I’m hoping it won’t just be a personal item like a tablet computer.”

Interesting preview of the console, I still can’t see it being a massive long-term success. I can see it selling well as it is coming out before the new Xbox and long before the new Playstation and it will be relatively cheap and a new experience, just like the Wii. But after the initial excitement of playing with one I feel boredom will set in, just like many Wii users found.

Check out the full article on Edge: Wii U: The future starts here


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