“You don’t want to work in the games industry..”

I had a funny first half of the year, which finished up with me having my placement in AAA development ended. My doctorate continues however, and I am now shunning the mainstream industry and only working for independent companies whose products have artistic merit. This article is a criticism of all UK studios and publishers and isn’t aimed as snipe at a particular company.

I have helped a lot of graduates get jobs and given a lot of advice in the last year or so but there are a lot of misconceptions that I need to clear up. I touched on this at my GameCamp 4 talk “Free Range Games”, and it’s about time I had a document to point people to.

Personally I don’t agree with most of this article with my experience at Frontier, but am sure it is very true for parts of the industry. Granted you will be expected to work over-time leading up to deadlines but you would be expected to do the same thing in many industries. Also the over-time I have done so far hasn’t been that bad, as the work is enjoyable. I would much rather do a job that has some long hours at times but is work that I enjoy doing 90% of the time compared to a job that has no over-time but I don’t enjoy the work most of the time. My work so far in the industry has been fun, getting up in the mornings is not a chore and almost every day I look forward to coming into work.

You can read the rest of Simon Roth’s views here:

Friday Feature: You Don’t Want To Work In The Games Industry


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