Braben Eurogamer Interview- Disneyland Adventures

Interesting interview on a game I have been working on from the Chairman of Frontier:

UK game developer legend David Braben is known for creating Elite, one of the most influential games of all time. But these days he’s one of the brightest minds in Kinect game development.

With successful Kinect launch game Kinectimals under his belt, Braben has turned his attention to making Disneyland Adventures as good as it can be before launch at the end of the year.

This makes Frontier Developments part of the second wave of Kinect developers, and as such perfectly placed to provide an insight into Microsoft’s motion-sensing technology. How has it improved? Where is it going? And why are the hardcore so sceptical? In an interview with Eurogamer at the Develop conference last week, Braben discussed these topics and more.

You can read the full story on Eurogamer: Braben Eurogamer Interview- Disneyland Adventures


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