The Winged Scourge- Disney

This is a lovely animation from Disney, and is the first in the series of health related educational short animations from 1943.

I love how it suggests pouring oil into stagnant bodies of water to kill them, BP should have used this excuse with their mishap..!

Team Fortress 2: Avatar Creation


Think you’re good at making TF2 items and avatars? Better even than the people who design the game? Here’s the thing: you’re probably right. And believe us, this knowledge haunts us every day. Gabe Newell’s just an email away, after all. What if you ratted us out?

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PS Move Software Free For Students

Playstation have announced that their Move software is free for people in education, allowing more user developed content to be created. I am not a massive fan of the Move myself, as I prefer most of the games in that style using equipment such as the Kinect, but you cannot deny it is good at what it does.

Some videos

At this year’s Game Developers Conference we unveiled, a new software application that runs on the PS3 system and gives researchers, students, and programmers access to PlayStation Move’s technology for developing apps beyond traditional gaming — physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, or education. enables anyone with a PS3 to experiment with PlayStation Move and create new applications using a PC, the PlayStation Move motion controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, and the PS3 system.

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